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Do you feel prepared to raise healthy children in today's society? If not, your'e definitely not alone and I am here to help!

Cue Perfectly Unprepared. 

While at times we may feel that we are unprepared for the task at hand, we are PERFECT for the job.  There is no one more perfectly designed to raise our children than us.  We were not meant to know how to navigate every challenge, milestone, stage of life or season on our own.

I am not only a Pediatric NP, but a wife, and momma who is on a journey to finding out how our family can live  healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives and I am hoping to help YOU to do the same. 

Our podcast & other resources were designed to educate, empower, and support YOU because we were not meant to figure this parenting thing out alone. 


Here to support your families journey to true health & happiness. 



I want to share the heart behind Perfectly Unprepared, because it isn't JUST about sharing health & wellness information, even though that is what we do! 

  1.  I am a momma to an amazing toddler named Cooper and we are expecting baby #2 this summer. I want to do all I can to make their world a better place. 

  2. As a Pediatric NP my eyes have been opened to the fact that our children's mental and physical health are in trouble and we have to do something NOW to change it. 

  3. Knowing how to raise healthy & happy kids is TOUGH and I want to support parents on their journey. 

  4. I believe that a HEALTHY diet and lifestyle is true preventative medicine that should be available to everyone!

  5. God has placed this purpose on my heart and I am I am ready to serve his kingdom.

I am so glad that you are here and I hope you will stick around and join me on this journey.




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