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Perfectly Unprepared Community

The Perfectly Unprepared Community was created after realizing what I am craving as a new momma myself . A place geared toward fellowship, personal growth and fulfillment. Being a mom is the most amazing and life changing journey we can go through, but that doesn't come without  self doubt, insecurities and feeling isolated. The Perfectly Unprepared Community is here to change that. 

Monthly Journal  Prompts

Each month you will receive a new digital journal with unique quotes, and prompts that challenge you on various themes. All with the goal of making motherhood more manageable and fulfilling.

Monthly Virtual Coffee Talks

We are all in desperate need of social interaction, therefore, you will have the ability to participate in monthly virtual coffee talks where you can interact with myself and other group members. 

Daily Encouragement

Ongoing thread of encouragement by others where we can share our wins, ask questions, share our struggles and tell our stories. 

Bonus Podcast Episodes

As apart of this community you will be given access to bonus podcast episodes each month featuring guest speakers on topics that are chosen by you!

Motherhood Community

A private community of mommas that are all looking to find fellowship, lift each other up and become the best version of themselves. 

Small Groups 

Optional small groups where you can meet new mommas that can relate to whatever season you are in. (I.e. Age groups, pregnancy loss, marriage, divorce, work/life balance, SAHM, etc.)

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